Dear All,


Just a fews weeks ago Bohol was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake  causing massive displacement, loss of lives and property damages. Just yesterday, super typhoon Yolanda struck Eastern Visayas causing thousands of deaths and incalculable loss in terms of damages to social infrastructure. The Visayas Islands are battered with natural calamities.


These calamities are made possible and exacerbated  by decades of wanton destruction of our natural environment mainly by large scale  foreign mining and logging activities. Without the natural forest cover, the effects of the slightest rain or faintest blow of wind is magnified a thousand fold, causing massive environmental destruction and human misery.


As you are reading this letter now in the comforts of your homes and offices with your loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues, in the Visayas Islands thousands are dying, millions will be hungry and ill, homeless, hopeless and in despair. Children, women and the elderly will suffer the brunt of nature’s fury.


They have very few resources to fight the force of nature.Time and again, it has been proven that in the depths of our misery some people will find opportunities for self- agrandizement. National and local government officials as well as bureacrats will fill their pockets with alms that are meant for the downtrodden.


On the contrary some well- meaning individuals and organizations will find opportunities to genuinely serve those that suffer most in times of calamities. Those who suffer will find solace that in their deepest tribulations there are ordinary people willing to act as stanchion, and in an act of humanity confront the misery and hold high the candle of solidarity.


On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Filipino-American Health Workers Association (FAHWA), I enjoin you all to express your solidarity with the people of the Visayas Islands in  your own small ways during these moments of tragedy.


Shalom C. Lorenzana, RN
President FAHWA



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