The Filipino-American health workers in the USA comprise a substantial number of migrants who provide critical andnecessary knowledge, skills, and services which are indispensable and integral in the overall proper functioning of the US health care system. However, like most migrants, Filipino-American health workers are generally disadvantaged and exploited.


The Filipino-American Health Workers Association (FAHWA) envisions a Filipino-American health workers community that is actively and progressively engaged in the pursuit of justice, freedom and democracy, and genuinely promoting, upholding and protecting the rights and welfare of the Filipino-American health workers and the Filipinos in general in the USA.


The Filipino American Health Workers Association (FAHWA) shall organize and mobilize the members of the Filipino-American health community and other allied industries and sectors in the US to participate in endeavors that promote and uphold their interests and well-being, and in solidarity with the Filipino people, support their common struggle for better working and living conditions, affordable healthcare, genuine and sustainable peace, justice, freedom and democracy.


The Filipino- American Health Workers Association (FAHWA)shall aim to uphold and promote the continuous and dynamic improvement of the socio-political, economic and cultural welfare of Filipino-American health workers by, providing among others a range of programs, projects, services, and other educational tools that may address their daily concerns, issues and or problems.


1. Provision of Health and RelatedServices

The Filipino- American Health Workers’ Association (FAHWA) shall aspire to address issues and concerns consequent to their health,immigration and work-related status by providing basic and appropriate health and legal services to its members and families. It shall also mobilize the Filipino- Americans and provide them with opportunities to serve the marginalized section of the people in the Philippines through projects like medical and solidarity missions.

2. Capability Building

The Filipino- American Health Workers Association (FAHWA) shall assist and facilitate the development of the abilitiesof its members by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and services to enable them to confront issues and concerns that affect them.

3. Networking, Organizing and Solidarity Work

In the fulfillment of its Mission,Filipino-American Health Workers Association (FAHWA) shall endeavor to build chapters, programs, networks, alliances, and relationships, around various issues and concerns, domestic and international, within and among Filipino-Americans, other migrants and Americans in general.

4. Education, Advocacy and Public Information

Vital in the accomplishment of its Mission and Goals, the Filipino-American Health Workers Association (FAHWA) shall strive to inculcate among its members the communal Filipino attitude of “Bayanihan”, collective spirit, genuine community concern for and among all Filipino-American Health Workers Association (FAHWA)members, especially the disadvantaged Filipino-Americans; the active learning of, and participation or involvement with, issues of domestic and international import and concerns, especially those which involve or affect the Philippines, by engaging in various programs, projects and activities in the field of education, advocacy and public information.